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The Original Lighthouse Lens Cut...
For Those Who Can Handle The Attention!

Historically noted for their brilliance, Strellman's Lens Cut gems are fashioned after the
Attention-getting Parisian Fresnel lens, still shining in many lighthouses today.

If you are looking for jewelry that captures the sparkling romance of the coastal lighthouse
And displays the world's most popular gems,

The Lighthouse Gem Cut Collection Is an unforgettable favorite.


Lighthouse Lens Cut Collection P-1
"Medium" Lens Cut Collection P-2
"Regular" Lens Cut Collection P-3
"Large"Lens Cut Collection P-4


Round Cut Collection P-5
Round Cut Collection P-6
Round Cut Collection P-7
Round Cut Collection P-8


Delta Cut Collection P-9

Delta Cut Collection P-10
Delta Cut Collection P-11
White Topaz Collection P-12
Blue Topaz Collection P-13
Strell Cut Collection P-14
Opposed Bar Collection P-15
Designer Cut Collectin P-16
White Gold Collection P-17
Earring Jackets P-18
Pearls P-19
Gents Collection P-20
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