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For The Gentlemen ... "Gents Rings"   P-20

Bold masculine jewelry that features the same fine detail and styles as the collections for women. These gentlemen's rings range from the engineered modern to classic bands, featuring inset natural nuggets and diamonds. There are also professional black-and-gold rings and bold colors in simple gold settings. For the purist, we offer a number of stylish bands that make a statement with or without stones.

Gents Gemstones Collection

Style CG AEM12D

Style CG AEM27
Tanzanite Color

Style CG SHG931D

Style CG SHG72D

Style CG SHG73B
Blue Sapphire

Style CG BR19

Style CG BRX11
Blue Sapphire

Style CG SHG72
Blue Sapphire
Gents Diamond Collection

Style CG ARD25

Style CG C90DM WH/50

Style CG C91D WH/50

Style CG OC91
White Topaz

Style CG CX91D WS
White Sapphire
Gents Natural Nugget Collection

Style CG DB3M DI

Style CG NG12D DI

Style CG K56OD WH/33

Style CG EM51DN WH/25

Style CG EM52DN WH/33

Style CG NG15D DI

Style CG K59M NG

Style CG NG16 DI/08

Style CG K56DN WH/33